Scoping Assessment

You need to adopt an approach to data protection that works for your organisation whilst at the same time ensures you handle personal data in line with data protection law.

Our Data Protection Scoping Assessment enables you to understand your current position and decide what action to take next. We will review your current documentation against the Framework.

A critical first step is knowing whether your policies, procedures, logs and records cover all the basics and demonstrate that decisions have been made about how you manage data protection risk.


Protecture have developed a Data Protection Assurance Framework containing all the elements required by the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018.

The resulting report will contain the following:

Who you are and what you do:

An assessment of your risks based on your business structure and personal data needs.

What your paperwork says to us:

Our view on the extent to which your current paperwork covers the elements and requirements of our Framework. Each element will be scored Low, Medium or High risk and presented in easy to access format.

Key issues and risks:

A summary of any key data protection, privacy and/or security issues and likely risks we identify. The report will outline our recommended next steps. Once you have reviewed the report, we will provide one of our data protection experts to discuss the detail with you.

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How it works:

  • Ask us any questions you have. If you want to proceed, sign and return our Letter of Engagement.
  • We send you our "Request for Document and Information".
  • Complete the form and send us your current data protection documentation.
  • We undertake the review and send you the report (to an agreed timescale).
  • Review the report and arrange a suitable time to discuss it with our data protection expert.
  • We discuss the report and our findings and the next possible steps.
  • Have a clear understanding of your current position and can decide what action to take.

Our Data Protection Scoping Assessment is a great start in figuring out where you're at with your data protection. Talk to us to see how our Scoping Assessment service can help your organisation.

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