On-going support

You’ve completed a GDPR project, or are comfortable with where your organisation now is

...but you know that data protection is a journey and not a destination and that's why Protecture are here to help you with our ongoing GDPR support.

There are day-to-day issues that you know you don’t have the resource for in-house but do need an expert opinion or guidance on.

We’re here to help with that. We can provide the light touch guidance and resourcing you need to meet your Data Protection needs when they occur.

Whether you need access to our helpline service or are looking for someone to take on the DPO role within your organisation, we've got you covered. We offer a full range of data protection services to assist with our ongoing GDPR support.

Protecture can also help your organisation manage ongoing business changes. For example, we can help ensure that

  • the projects you undertake and the systems that you build are lawful and bring best value to your organisation. We can provide guidance or embedded consultancy to help keep your organisation compliant with Data Protection by Design.
  • you react to case law and new Codes of Practice. We ensure you understand the important points and how to implement any necessary changes.
  • your Marketing and Digital strategies remain business focused and compliant with the latest development in cookies and targeted advertising. Record retention periods and disposal

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what we do

Protecture is a team of data protection specialists whose aim is to help organisations ensure data protection compliance in all areas.

Protecture works with organisations of all sizes and sectors, supporting them with up-to-date policies and other template documents that are tailored to suit their needs, backed by on-going support, training and external audit.

We have over 12 years of practical experience turning the law into practice for charities, schools, local government, corporates and care providers.