Data Protection eLearning Introduction

Staff who handle personal data need to know the essential aspects of the law. We have put together our very own Data Protection eLearning platform to help with your training goals, reducing risk and meeting your statutory requirements.

Accessible training is key. So are records to evidence that training has been delivered. Data Protection eLearning can help demonstrate accountability, your duty of care to staff and maintain the trust of those whose personal data you handle.

Almost all staff will handle personal data in some form

Making sure they handle it appropriately is key.

With this in mind and knowing that all companies need to provide guidance and raise awareness of Data Protection with their staff, we have put together an eLearning course.

We have used our years of practical experience to create twelve bitesize modules of essential information.

These give your staff a clear sense of their responsibilities, key requirements, actions to take and when to seek further advice.

Each course is a few minutes, pitched at the Data Protection novice and allows you to monitor culture by department. Staff can take them as part of an induction or over a longer period to suit their training needs.

Having training records to demonstrate your duty of care to your staff is important. They go towards demonstrating your data protection compliance.

Want to know more? Contact us to discuss further how our eLearning courses can help your staff and organisation.

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what we do

Protecture is a team of data protection specialists whose aim is to help organisations ensure data protection compliance in all areas.

Protecture works with organisations of all sizes and sectors, supporting them with up-to-date policies and other template documents that are tailored to suit their needs, backed by on-going support, training and external audit.

We have over 12 years of practical experience turning the law into practice for charities, schools, local government, corporates and care providers.