Data Protection Officer as a Service

Whether you must have a DPO, or have chosen to appoint one, Protecture can provide the level of service required to meet this important statutory role.

Our DPO support service will allow for more informed and effective decision making: we make Data Protection work for you.

Our professional advice, delivered to agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs), will enable you to meet the daily challenges of Data Protection. You can then focus all your efforts on your core business.

Our Data Protection Office service brings further value because we believe in the value Data Protection can bring to your company.

Protecture's DPO service meets the GDPR's requirement for a DPO:

  • Involved in all Data Protection matters: our way of delivering the service (see "What's included" below) ensures we are involved in all data protection matters properly and in a timely manner.
  • Act independently: we will work with you, but retain our independence.
  • No conflict of interest: as we will not perform other tasks for you.
  • Reporting: we will report to your highest level of management.
  • Point of contact: we will be the first point of contact for the ICO and individuals.

Working in partnership

We will need sufficient internal resource, such as a nominated Data Protection “Lead” so that we can have appropriate access to information and activities. This will also ensure we have the resources necessary to carry out the DPO tasks.

Why Protecture?

Our DPO Service is backed by our combined 40 years of experience and our Data Protection Framework to ensure we manage data protection risk.

When should you appoint a DPO?

ICO have all the information you need to know here. Talk to us to see how our Data Protection Office service can help your organisation.

If you would like to learn more about our Data Protection Officer as a Service then please contact us here...

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