Data Protection Consultancy

Our clients regularly engage us for distinct pieces of data protection consultancy, but sometimes only a one-off piece of work is required to meet an urgent priority.

A project may need skilled resource, or a specialist to feed into a process design. Take full advantage of our data protection consultancy service and we can help you fulfil those requirements.

Defined outcome consultancy is one of our core services. We can help you define the outcome or merely meet your resourcing requirements.

We have a full in house team that have a breadth of experience. Data protection, ethics and security are at the core of their passion. We can ensure you will have a great resource for your project. Each of our consultants is an expert in their field, but they also have a unique strength; the support of the rest.

Protecture are here to help and support with any data protection requirements you and your business need. Use our expertise to help achieve your data protection and privacy goals. We can help you with strategic consultancy, staff training and awareness, policy writing and process analysis and advice.

If you engage with a Protecture consultant, you get the knowledge and experience of the entire team. Our experts have over 40 combined years of practical experience turning the law into practice for companies of all sizes. We work with a range of sectors including; education, charities, government, care providers and more.

Do you need some help from a data protection expert? Take full advantage of our free consultation, offered to all new customers. Give us a call on 02036915731 or fill out our contact form here. One of our helpful team with contact you shortly to talk about how our consultancy services can help you and your business.

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what we do

Protecture is a team of data protection specialists whose aim is to help organisations ensure data protection compliance in all areas.

Protecture works with organisations of all sizes and sectors, supporting them with up-to-date policies and other template documents that are tailored to suit their needs, backed by on-going support, training and external audit.

We have over 12 years of practical experience turning the law into practice for charities, schools, local government, corporates and care providers.