Protecture's privacy
policy for this website

Protecture collects and uses contact details of individuals that relate to their professional, business/working life. 

We are therefore conducting "business-to-business" direct marketing. 

We recognise that the individual work email addresses and work phone numbers of people do relate to them, and will always respect any objection to us emailing or calling them - we only want to engage with people who want to engage with us. 

We do not therefore look to rely on the "soft opt-in" provisions of the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations; we will meet our obligations to be open, fair and transparent about our proposed use of your information.

The systems we use to administer our events and webinars do provide information about our proposed uses of that information - if we are unable to edit or amend the "default" statements in the systems, we will make clear our intentions during our next communication and/or provide a means for you to tell us you do not want to hear from us. 


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