Webinar: GDPR and Working from Home

The Coronavirus will create numerous risks for organisations over the coming months. Many businesses are looking to home working to ensure staff can continue to be productive in the event of restrictions of movement or temporary office closures.

This means more staff than ever will be accessing more personal data away from the office.

Appropriate IT and policies can make this happen. But do yours work in practice and ensure home working won’t lead to a serious breach?

In this recorded webinar Gary Shipsey, Director of Data Protection Services, and Daniel Cuthbert, Head of Operations discuss what you need in place.

1.    “We have SharePoint, they have wifi, we will be fine…??”
2.    What do staff know?
3.    Accessing personal data
4.    Working on & saving
5.    Sharing
6.    Who else is at home?
7.    Video conferencing
8.    Information Security
9.    Monitoring of staff / Health questionnaires
10.  Staff Well being

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