Fundraising Success

Protecture and Action Planning recently updated their expert seminar “Fundraising Success – Navigating the new legal landscape” With the Fundraising Regulator website going live just the day before, the session provided to be another engaging discussion on how to manage the many new and varies regulatory issues facing fundraising. A free copy of the slides …

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Are You EU Ready? Fundraising, Fairness and the New EU Data Protection Regulation

Protecture recently delivered an expert seminar at CHASE 2016 on the topic “Are You EU Ready? Fundraising, Fairness and the New EU Data Protection Regulation” The slides can be found below: Download slides: Are You EU Ready? Should you have any questions or queries about the content, please call us on 020 3691 5731 or email

EU agrees General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The EU Commission has confirmed that agreement has been reached on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Commission, European Parliament and the Council have – after much debate – finalised their position following final negotiations between the three institutions (the so-called ‘trilogue’ meetings). The final text of the new law will follow early …

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A Penny for your Thoughts (and data)

Another day, another Daily Mail exposé… With the foray over Olive Cooke soon being followed by the ‘charity cold call sharks’ story, the story on Samuel Rae certainly adds to the growing scrutiny on charity fundraising techniques. On closer analysis, some key themes and actions emerge: This is all (hopefully) a distant memory… First, a …

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Tales of the Unexpected – data breach reporting

Although not currently required by law, the Information Commissioner has issued clear guidance on when he expects to know about a breach. For charities there is already a binding obligation to report Serious Incidents involving loss of personal information – see our free infographic. The overriding consideration when deciding whether to report a breach is the …

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Free Data Protection Policy Review

Protecture are offering to review your data protection policies – for free. Managing data protection risk is fast becoming essential – especially for organisations handling personal information on a daily basis. Commissioning bodies, the media and service users are keenly aware of security breaches – meaning your reputation can quickly be harmed through poor or …

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Temporary Staff – is Data Protection Training on the Agenda?

The recent data protection breaches made by temporary staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital highlighted the risks posed by not providing adequate data protection training to temporary staff. Responsibility for providing the training If the temporary staff are employed by you – i.e. they are on a short-term contract – then the Data Protection Act …

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