Rowenna Fielding

5 common mistakes made with DPIAs

With the GDPR, a DPIA, or ‘Data Protection Impact Assessment’ has moved from being a good practice recommendation to being a mandatory activity for some kinds of personal data processing. The purpose of a DPIA is to identify potential risks to data subjects’ rights and freedoms before the processing begins, so that appropriate measures can …

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Cookie D’oh!

With the news that the changes to ePrivacy law have now been delayed until 2020, now is a good time to evaluate whether your organisation’s practices are already in line with existing electronic privacy law. The ePrivacy Regulation is likely to strengthen the current provisions of PECR in similar ways to which GDPR strengthened previous …

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Have You Reddit?

On the 1st of August a hugely popular website, Reddit, announced that it had been hacked. If you’ve not seen it, Reddit is a vaguely social network (explored further below) where registered members can post links, news and discuss almost anything on a series of message boards. Users need an email address and password but are seemingly anonymous …

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Facebook and ‘CA’ – not Cambridge Analytica, but Custom Audiences

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have noticed that Facebook’s business practices have been coming under the microscope of public scrutiny. It’s been well-known for a long time among the data protection and marketing communities that Facebook operates by harvesting, generating and acquiring large amounts of …

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GDPR- What Are You Waiting For?

As the countdown to the GDPR enforcement date ticks away, organisations are starting to get to grips with their data protection responsibilities. However, a common theme is emerging at conferences, in online discussions and at meetings – the challenges of finding the “right” answers. Data protection law is not a checklist of actions, or a …

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