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How businesses process data is rapidly changing. Where this was previously defined and restricted by in-house IT departments, these are quickly becoming a legacy overhead. Cloud services enable organisations to quickly and cheaply implement complex solutions that would have taken months in the past. These services can be consumed from anywhere allowing the modern workforce to be mobile, flexible and more productive.

These changes bring new challenges. Whereby access to your data was protected by the locked door of an office, now, configuration, device and identity management are vital to protect your most valuable asset: data.

Data is now the most valuable commodity on earth. Companies are fighting to get more of it, to structure it better, to process it faster and to get more value out of it. At the same time, hackers are looking to steal it. Cyber Security has become crucial.

The power of data is such that governments around the world are, through Data Protection laws, defining what you can and cannot do with it to protect their citizens from abuse. The GDPR, in Europe, is an example of that.

Business processes, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Information Technology and Risk Management have converged. Protecture Technology is a new breed of data management company that understand this. We understand each and how each are dependent on each other; we can therefore ensure that any solution or service we provide supports the others seamlessly.

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About Protecture
Protecture is a team of IT, Information Security and data protection experts who can provide planning, guidance and implementation of front line services and support to your organisation.

Efficiency and Value

Give us the task of looking after your cloud services, efficiently and securely to allow you to concentrate on what you do best.


Cyber Security

Good Cyber Security is now a necessity to keep your data safe and lower your regulatory risk.


Managed and Supported Data Protection

Our data protection experts have practical experience of implementing data protection solutions. Whether you want support, or want us to take the issue away from you, talk to us.

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Our client area is full of useful Information Security and Data Protection tools, templates and resources

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